It Features :

  • 10 Levels Of Entertainment
  • Cute Graphics
  • Sound Effects
  • Assisted by Accelerometer

Your Objective:

Your objective is to hit the " Fi " box without getting collided with " TnT " boxes.

Comments & Reviews

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Mikael [d]
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Quite fun game, although very short. Played it through in 5 minutes. Music and sound effects are great, graphics could use some work. Accelerometer control doesn't seem as smooth as in some similar games I've played on other devices. Not sure if it's problem with N9's sensor or just this game.

sajisoft [d]
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Thanks for the feedback Mikael.Motion Sensor of N9 is great in performance but you got it right ,we make control a bit different from what other games are doing.We did it to make the game easy for kids around us. But in next version, we will add settings to change the speed and sensitivity in addition to more difficult levels to make it more FUN.