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  • You are presented various setups of blocks, piles and heaps.
  • By tapping a block you assert force to it in the direction you're looking
  • By dragging from a block (place your finger on a block and move it elsewhere and let go) you assert force in the direction of the drag (considering the direction youre looking)
  • By dragging elsewhere on the screen you'll rotate the viewpoint around the blocks
  • By pinching you'll zoom in our out
  • By rotating (two fingers on screen and turn) you'll rotate the point light source's location around the blocks
  • By clicking on the left side icon you'll get a new block setup
  • By clicking on the right side icon you'll see an About screen

Technical implementation details

  • Written in portable C/C++, with some Qt specific parts
  • Realtime shadow mapping
  • Per-pixel lighting with one point light source
  • Multithreaded; Physics calculations done in parallel to rendering
  • Object picking using the Color Picking approach
  • OpenGL ES 2.0 obviously
  • Performance varies from around 25 to 70 fps depending on the device
  • Android build done using the genius Necessitas toolset for Qt
  • Blocks' interaction by Bullet Physics library

The app is free of charge.

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