Wallet keeps your confidential information in a safe place. It uses a password / pin to encrypt your data with a strong AES-256 encrytion. Wallet provides you several templates to not forget any important information. Full version allows to edit templates, image fields, separator fields, keepass and handysafe import, and some other extra functionalities.

In 1.6.3

Fixed problems related to PR1.3

In 1.4.0

  1. Take images from camera
  2. Bigger image size on screen
  3. Fix several problems when modifing images
  4. Fixed problems with deleted favorites

In 1.3.2

  1. New generate password functionality
  2. New Favorities functionality
  3. Support button in about
  4. Support for multiple folders in handysafe import
  5. Fixed problems when deleting a template
  6. Fixed problem when performing normal mobile backup

Free version also available

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