Browse a ton of wallpapers and set them on your Nokia phone. Wallpapers for Meego allows you browse a huge collection of wallpapers from flickr.

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For some reason I can't get this app :( Would this have anything to do with my location? I'm in China.

You should be able to get it. I have enabled distribution for the whole world. If you want I can send you a .deb url so that you can use that to install it, bypassing the Nokia store.

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is this only from flickr photos or can be set via tags on the device? So photos with specific tags will go as wallpaper slideshow... change wallpaper every 2 or 10 or 60 mins or per device unlocked (swiped, everytime user swipe to unlock, wallpaper change for next time).

the wallpapers from a flickr group called "wallpapers for nokia"

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Well.. This is the coolest till now!! I would love to have a search function too.. man, it's really amazing and honey to your eyes.

search function ? Might think about it.

Mikael [d]
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You could try adding a promo image, so it would look better on the frontpage.


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Thank you very much! Now i just need my N9 and life is complete ;)