2-May-12 - v0.0.8 Alpha - codename: "Batito" This is an Alpha release where some code changes has been done in critical areas of the application. Dont install this version unless you are willing to assist in finding and reporting bugs N9/N950 - Available in App4Meego testing repository N900 - Available in Extras-devel repository * Implement secured connections * Fixed empty mood list * Fixed empty car list

19-Apr-12 - v0.0.7 Alpha - codename: "Azriel" => new naming convention based on Burekas movie characters This is an Alpha release where some code changes has been done in critical areas of the application. Dont install this version unless you are willing to assist in finding and reporting bugs Install link for N9/N950 Install link for N900 * Rewrite the network layer to be based on Qt instead of kernel sockets * Rewrite the config layer to use QSettings * Rewrite the path+file layer to use QFile & QDir * Fix current traffic reports list dialog - reports not visible * Support multiuser environments (such as Linux and Windows) * Fix low battery warning still showing when charging

9-Feb-12 - v0.0.6 - codename: "Group Hug" * Fix mislocation issue * Fix multitouch zoom on N9 * Add to the Maemo/Meego repositories * Browser integration * Groups support * Coupons support * Business information support

16-Jan-12 - v0.0.5 - codename: "Brave Heart" Upgrade the base code to Waze v2.4.0 which add a lot of features, like: (the next are taken from the Waze official changelog - with small comments where related to this Qt port) * Complete voice guidance using natural text-to-speech capabilities (English USA and Canada only. More languages coming soon!) * Road shields and improved map graphics display (Qt port need fixing here) * Animated display of top contributing wazers * Automatic centering on map after panning * Night mode settings saved if not in auto night mode * Alert popup screen modification * Shuffle 'start driving' prompt (English only) * Alternative routes button in navigation menu and new display of routes selection on map * New ETA update messages * Improved routing request in case of poor network connectivity (Qt port need fixing here) * Async logs upload * Updated alerts list with number of comments and number of thumbs up * My waze menu (Qt port will modify this in future versions) * Vocal navigation instructions fix (for non English languages) * UTF Long text trimming * Various crash fixes

19-Dec-11 - v0.0.4 - codename: "Look Maw, no hands!" * Native keyboard support * Fix map download * Initial multitouch gestures support - rotate & zoom (N9/N950) * Fixed speed reading (N900)

3-Dec-11 - v0.0.3 - codename: "Terrific jam" * Navigate to a contact's saved address * Volume control (in general settings) * Disable screensaver (in general settings) * Fixed speed reading (only in N950, still bad on N900)

23-Nov-11 - v0.0.2 - codename: "Your thanks, my giving" * Fix the flickering * Make the media files (audio/images) not show on the gallery/mediaplayer * Other than that, all of the known issues of the preview release * You should run rm -rf /home/user/MyDocs/.waze before installing this new version * Stable internet connection is mandatory for first run!

19-Nov-11 - Preview release - codename: "The flickerer" or "I owe my wife 3 weeks worth of hugs" This is a preview release which suffers from the following known issues: * Screen flickers - a lot * Some texts are cropped or missing * Some images are missing * Get address from phone contact - not implemented yet * HW Keyboard support - not implemented yet * OS virtual keyboard support - not implemented yet * Application closes upon certain settings change * Phone camera usage is not implemented yet * Some action related clicks are not played * The Waze media files are shown in the phone gallery & music applications - don't erase them... * Screen does not stay lit when navigating

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Quality Value

Works greate after the last update waze0.0.6armel.deb

ZogG [d]
1 point

it's not community port, but one man work!!!!

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Disable screen locking and sleeping is what I missing the most. Beside that great work ! carry on

looks good was able to see most comments. it flickers as stated but works! looking forward to further improvements.. great ot see this on N9

Mikael [d]
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Nice to see Waze on N9! It's good start already, most of the functions seems to be there. The interface isn't usable yet though.