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Hi Simon, i LOVE this app, but i live in china, and for any N9 bought in china we get automatically redirected to the china ovi store. which does not have your wonderful program. >< it makes me want to cry so so badly. is there anywhere i can get this awesome program as a direct download? i have tried everything. scanning doesn't work since it just redirects in the phone, and downloading to pc also doesn't work because it insists you have to plug the phone in, and when you do - you guessed it - it redirects. T.T please please help us poor expats. until N9 can support vpn we can't bypass this restriction unless there is a direct download .deb source. please? i am totally begging.

Mikael [d]
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Are you able to download from They use redirector to the .deb file, although the file still comes from Nokia's server. Try it from here:

This particular app is also available at , which doesn't solve the problem generally of course.

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Best xkcd reader!

simonp [d]
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Glad you like it!