YouTubeHD (v.1.1.1)-app with a comfortable touch-interface that allows you to view and download (с)YouTube videos to your phone.

You can:

  • Read descriptions;
  • Watch/Download video. Supports from 240p to HD 1080p;
  • Like/Dislike;
  • Subscribes;
  • Add to favorite list;
  • Watch related videos;
  • Post/Read comment;
  • Multilingual (EN,HI,RU,UA);
  • and other...

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No free to me

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item no longer available for download..what happen?????

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Everything works besides downloading a video. I tried different resolutions and formats but it always tells me that there's a download error and then I can only close the app.

Edit: Works like a charm after a reboot of the phone :)

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Sorry, this item is not available for your country